A pool safety cover.

Pool Safety Covers

A safety cover over the backyard pool is one of the most essential components in any backyard multi barriers safety system.

These high load carrying covers completely block access to the pool, while still allowing an adult to walk on the surface. A strong safety cover, securely anchored into the deck, can prevent access to the pool—and in some areas, can earn the homeowner a discount on their liability insurance.

A safety cover is like a trampoline, stretched over the pool, able to support far in excess of that associated with humans and animals.

A safety cover improves the appearance of any backyard during winter, while at the same time providing energy savings, water savings and collect debris during the swimming season.

  • Meets or exceeds all ASTM standards
  • Manufactured to your specific pool size and shape – custom made
  • Helps to prevent accidental intrusion by pets and children
  • Functional, beautiful, and affordable
  • 20 year warranty

Pool Safety Cover Colours

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