How do I measure my hot tub?


Record your measurements using our measurement sheet


Measurement tips

  • Measure your hot tub, not an old cover.
  • Check all of your measurements twice.
  • Add 0.5″ to each side of your total width and length measurements – or 1″ total – the slight overhang will not affect the fit.
  • It’s ok for the cover to be too big, but even slightly too small and you lose the seal.
  • If you have a unique size or shape, contact us for further instructions. We can accommodate custom made hot tubs or swim spas.

How to measure corner radius

Use a framing square or a straight edge and tape measure to measure the radius of your hot tub corners.

How to measure a radius corner

If your radius is a bit too small (green line below), the cover simply overhangs the hot tub a bit; however, if your radius is too big (red line below), the cover won’t completely cover your spa. If in doubt, always go with a slightly smaller radius, or contact us to measure your hot tub for your.

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