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Hot Tub Covers

Recommended by most spa cover manufacturers to increase the life of your cover because it partially prevents the chemicals from being carried up to the cover by the evaporating water.

·    Reduces Evaporation

·    Reduces Chemical Costs!

·    Lowers Your Heating Costs!

These Hot Tub Solar Blankets come in a standard size of 8 x 8 and can easily be cut to fit your size spa

ONLY $39.99




Indoor Cover
(3"- 2" Tapered)
plus tax = $425.00
Free Delivery
Medium Cover
(4"- 3" Tapered
plus tax = $450.00
Free Delivery
(5"- 4" Tapered
plus tax = $520.00
Free Delivery


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Reflective tech image and write up

ReflecTech™ gives our spa covers two main advantages over lesser covers. The reflective nature of the ReflecTech™ yields a reflecting dish effect. Heat is just energy and energy travels in waves. As the heat waves hit the ReflecTech™, they are likely to bounce back down into the tub.

This reflecting effect is nice, but the reason that we have kept the ReflecTech Energy Shield™ on our flagship product is that it allows the covers to last longer.  The EPS cores are going to become heavy as water vapor penetrates them displacing the air between the EPS beads.  Our job as a spa cover manufacturer is to provide a layering system to slow this process.  The ReflecTech™ has continually outperformed spa liner, vinyl, and mesh materials in deterioration resistance against the corrosive vapors released from your spa.

ReflecTech Energy Shield™ is optional on all spa covers.

NOTE: R value is a measure of convection resistance, not overall efficiency.  The ReflecTech Energy Shield on ThermoShield covers can effectively double the energy efficiency by reflecting heat back into the spa. However, this does not double the R value.


Add on Options

Make your Durham Cover  premium Spa Cover even better with these optional upgrades:
Upgrade Description Cost
Double-Wrapped Foam Cores By double-wrapping your spa cover's foam cores, you are adding an extra layer of protection against water absorption. 35.00
Adjustable Straps Our normal straps are 11" long.  If you would like to have your straps adjustable, we can do this.  Adjustable straps adjust from approximately 6" to 12". 10.00
Extra-Long Skirt ThermoShield spa covers have standard skirts up to 5". If you need a longer skirt, that is no problem. They are available for a nominal fee. 20.00 up to 10"
Additional Tie-Down Straps ThermoShield™ spa covers come equipped with 4 straps. Additional straps may be requested for a nominal charge. 5.00 per Strap over 4"
ReflecTech Energy Shield Bottom Material This reflective bottom material is an enhanced version of our standard polyester scrim spa liner.  The addition of this material can increase your spa cover's efficiency over 100%.



Three Easy Steps to Ordering a Cover

1.  Go to the Hot Tub Measurement page and print off the easy to follow measuring diagram and fill in the necessary measurements.  If needed call our operator for prompt assistance!

2.  Go to the Color Selection page and choose a color

3.  Go to the Contact Page to confirm all information and email or fax in the order.

  Cover Color Samples


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